We provide service of video and photography. We directing ordinary captured scenes and aerial shots with a UAV (drones), editing with experience and artistic sight to show best edges of your project, show or event.
SkyLab passionate to create and product photo and video – we love it! We want to find a new look at familiar things, new view of perspective, new way to represent and share these sensations and impressions with other people. 


In that century technologies came to the video industry in a hands of artist and camera which one able to fly precisely is a great opportunity to create extraordinary, delightful and stunning footages - for that purpose SkyLab use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) commonly known as Drones. 

We would like to offer fresh and dynamic solutions in different fields of activities, that can fit well to your own projects. We run an efficient and clean operations, ensuring that your project remains on-time and on-budget.

Most common application of our skills is commercial videos for real estate market. Aerial videography and photography are the new standard for high-end marketing. Video commercial allowing prospective buyers seeing more complete picture of apartments, houses, hotels, resorts or other real estate objects, location and the area around. It gives an opportunity to save your time to lead the potential customer strictly to service that you provide, attract more interest and show all advantages of your business.

UAV are ideal for shooting large-scale outdoor events, such as festivals, sporting events and competitions, political and social activities as well.


SkyLab votes for Safety! We observe and understand all worries around the world about appliance UAV (drones) for negative way such a spying, breaking the privacy and another kind of disturbance for people surrounding us. We are certified pilots with skills and moral qualities – we use prop guards in case of people close to drones and on a low attitude, we won’t capture until we are not sure that is legal in that area and goals of capturing stays in the frames of law and moral.


Russia. Moscow, 127009, 8-th Marta street, 18 bld.

Skype: SkyLabVision

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